Project Llama for (Alpha Release)

Engineered by: @ryantharp
Reference Implementation: @adrianus

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What is Project Llama?

Project Llama's purpose is to establish 2 new users annotations on These will be used to identify who you are and what you're looking for on This provides applications with more information about a members preferences and provides more context to the application about members, followers and the community in general. This can be used to find members with similar interests or simply to highlight posts from other members with similar interest.

Members can use a supported client to go through the categories and select the checkboxes they feel are appropriate. Our goal is to give you full control of what you choose and what others see. As one of's great benefit over other social networks is privacy and control over your own information.

Individual tags will initially be preselected but we have an interface where new tags and categories can be suggested and then endorsed by others. Unused tags and categories can be eventually expired to make more room for what the community wants.

I designed this system to use a flexible tag based approach that is simple for any developer to implement. Matching can easily be done quickly by comparing two user objects yielding a total number of matches that can be used as a score. It's another step towards providing a powerful user search.

Our goal is for to make these official fields with their own dedicated space. But we need members and developers to embrace them before that can happen.

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Getting Started!

  1. Set up your profile now on Appnetizens. Look for the Project Llama link on the far right

    Go to Appnetizen profile »

  2. use this site to make category and tag suggestions

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Clients with Support for Project Llama

The following ADN Applications have embraced this standard.
@Adrianus' AppNetizens has been a leader in implementing cutting edge ADN APIs. He has been successful in getting members to set up and share their ADN account profile information such as country, gender, nationality, and other social networking URLs. He will be building the first implementation of managing your tags and searching others' tag.
ChatView for ADN Global
I will integrate these tags into my ChatView application to help connect people and filter posts.
We hope to get other developers to support these tags in their applications. If you have integrating these in your App, please let us know!
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Current Master Categories and Tags List. Now with Usage!

Download latest master json file - URL updated! 12/7/12

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Make suggestions

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contact @ryantharp on ADN, if you have any comments, questions, feedback.

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